Web & Cloud App Development

What are Web & Cloud Apps?

There is some confusion about the difference between web based applications, and cloud based applications. Web apps run within a web browser environment such as Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. Cloud apps can also be web applications, or they can be any program created to run within the cloud environment which does not run within a browser. An example of this would running an application within a cloud computing platform such as Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and many more of the options out there. You can also run applications within a virtual operating system environment if you choose.

The basic answer to the question “What are cloud apps?” would be: an application that runs on an internet based environment that can have the possibility of having data cached for offline use, and by having data stored online leaving it accessible from any device.

Many cloud environments will let you use your applications on mobile devices which makes the new era of cloud application very appealing for people on the go.

Benefits of Web & Cloud Apps

The greatest benefit in using web or cloud apps over the traditional desktop application is that you don’t need to be using that specific machine to access the program. You can access your web application from any computer, or mobile device.

Another great benefit is that updates happen instantly, you don’t need to reinstall software on every machine, and you don’t have to worry about compatibility errors because our applications run on all main stream browsers and cloud computing platforms. You will greatly cut down the cost for IT Support, Servers, and Utilities within your business.

Web & Cloud App Examples

Here are some examples of Web & Cloud Applications:

  • Inventory Management System
  • Accounts Receivable System
  • Job Ticket Support System
  • Restaurant Booking and Seat Availability
  • Human Resource Evaluation Program
  • Analytical Dashboard with Reporting
Our goal is to take your computer programs, and create them online within a web or cloud application environment. If you have a custom idea, contact us and we can make it happen!

What Does it Cost?

The great benefit in using CDN Tech Solutions™ is that we can provide very affordable prices to create a fresh - new - custom application that works for you. Depending on the type of application, and agreement in place, you could be looking at only a few hundred dollars per month, which covers server fees. We currently offer licensing options to our clients with only a six month down payment depending on the application licensing value per month and contract commitment. Say goodbye to having to pay thousands of dollars up front for a custom application, and even more month to month for support. The six month down payment covers the startup costs, plus your first six months of application licensing fees.

Due to our licensing model, all applications are hosted on our servers (web based only, does not apply to cloud apps), but leave you with the option of keeping the database on any server of your choice, such as an internal server. We understand the importance in keeping data within your business, and customer information protected from outside sources.

Exact costs for any given project, and licensing fees depends on what you're looking to create, and the cost to maintain your application. Contact us to learn more!

Licensing Benefits

The benefit of licensing as opposed to paying for the full rights to the application is the overall cost to get started. An application that would normally cost anywhere from $7,000.00 USD to $150,000.00 USD plus for full rights will only cost you an agreed upon monthly fee. The current average web or cloud app cost is reported at $15,000.00 USD which does not include the reported hourly rate of $100.00 USD to $200.00 USD for support per hour. We provide free customer service and support on all our licensed applications.

Another benefit is that businesses change and expand at a rapid pace. Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a static application when you might need additional features to support your future business needs. It’s extremely common in the office work place to hear employees and employers say “If only the program could do this!”. We will make sure your application does what you need, and modify the functions so the end user can work more efficiently.

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